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Image by Sean Wang

Cat Sponsorhip

It costs £25 a month to sponsor one of our cats. This covers their food, litter, veterinary costs and shelter. Kittens up to the age of one cost £20. These amounts reflect the enormous increase in the cost of living (particularly food) in Cairo caused by the war in Ukraine. This is in line with the increase in donations now requested by most animal charities. None of the amount goes towards administrative costs which are delivered by volunteers  

How to Sponsor

  • Choose your cat or kitten from the gallery below or ask us to suggest one for you. You will see many more of them on our Facebook and Instagram pages and indeed on the 'Our Cats' page.

  • Set up a monthly payment on PayPal to the following


NOTE: If you do not wish to commit for a year you can now nominate a cat on a monthly basis and even change cat if you wish. On our Facebook page Dora Casali renews sponsorships on a monthly basis so you can nominate then or just text her on We hope that will help in these difficult times. Our Facebook page can be found here

Please Note:  Many of these cats may be available for adoption. If you are interested please email using the address above and we will send you more information about your chosen cat

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