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Notes on the Cat Adoption Questionnaire

Please read these notes before completing the questionnaire.


The questionnaire itself is similar to those used by all animal charities and helps Cairo Cat Rescue & Rehoming Champions and yourself decide whether the animal you have selected will fit in with you and your lifestyle. If you are a seasoned cat owner some of the questions may seem rather unnecessary or intrusive but, given the special circumstances of these animals as given below, extra care must be taken to ensure you both have made the perfect match.  

Firstly, thank you, you’re doing a great thing.  Adopting a cat means changing its life - and yours!   


Before you complete this questionnaire, you should consider a few things: 

  • Cairo Cat Rescue & Rehoming Champions' cats may come from bad, outdoor situations.   Unless otherwise specified, they are moggies, not pedigrees, and they may not be lap cats or ‘Instagram-ready’ immediately and in some cases never.   When they come to the Rescue they may have had poor nutrition so if you adopt a cat which has not been with us for long their fur may not be in the best condition, they might have scars and, if they were a street cat  formerly picked up for ‘trap neuter return’, their ear will have been snipped to indicate this.  Cairo Cat Rescue & Rehoming Champions work hard to improve health and rehabilitate cats so most will be used to handling and all will be used to using a litter tray.  With good care and a proper diet from you, their new owner, their fur quality and trust should improve within a few months.  


  • Cats can live up to 20+ years – you should only think about adopting if you understand this is a lifelong commitment. If you would rather experience cat company without the commitment, why not considered fostering? 


  • When you rehome a cat it requires some time to settle into its new life and will need to be kept inside for at least three weeks.  Cats that are let outside before then very frequently get lost and are far more likely to be killed in the road. 


  • Unless you have an outdoor cat that is considerate and uses your neighbour’s garden as a loo 😊 you’re likely to have to scoop a litter tray at least twice a day, every day, for the cat’s entire life


  • Cairo Cat Rescue & Rehoming Champions don’t refuse to rehome cats in homes with children (we grew up with cats) but be aware that even gentle cats can scratch or bite if provoked.  To minimise the risk, you should introduce young children to the cat slowly, in your presence, and teach them to treat it gently. However,  the only way to ensure that you or your family never get scratched or bitten is not to own a cat


  • Have you factored in the cost of cat ownership? 

    • Food costs are around £20 to £55 a month 

    • Insurance is a must – you don’t want to be faced with bills that can equal hundreds or even thousands of pounds.  Insurance costs at least £125 a year and can cost more (and generally will as your cat ages) – we recommend that you include dental cover for illness since this can be among the most expensive treatments.   

    • Boarding or cat sitting when you go away costs around £10 per cat per day, and requires up to date inoculations. 

    • Vet consultations are around £35 per visit (before any other treatment costs) and inoculations cost around £30 a year. 

    • Flea and worm treatments are around £8 per month. 

IF YOU ADOPT A CAT AND DECIDE THAT YOU CAN NO LONGER KEEP IT WE OFFER A NO-JUDGMENT RETURNS POLICY.  We know that circumstances and preferences change and we would rather the cat be returned to us than you try to rehome it yourself. That hopefully prevents worry or distress to you or the cat concerning your decision.



Cat Adoption Questionnaire


Great news; you want to adopt a cat from us. We just need to get a few details from you.  Please note, this form will take between 15-30 minutes to complete.  It is very important to us that we find excellent, loving homes for these rescued cats. Please answer all questions completely and as honestly as you can, as it helps us understand our potential adopters better. Thank you! Please respond by filling in the appropriate information and return to us as an email attachment (Word). You may also print out, fill in, then scan or submit this document in either PDF format or hard copy.





First Name


First Line of Address



Home Phone

Mobile Phone

(We will normally contact you between 8am-7pm, but it may be the evening but not after 9pm)



(We usually write back very quickly and usually respond by email. Check your email frequently after submitting and adoption enquiry.)




☐ Single cat                ☐ Pair of cats              ☐ either                      


Gender of cat:     


 ☐ Male              ☐ Female         ☐ Either


Complete this section as fully as possible, telling us why you think the cat in which you’re expressing an interest sounds suitable for your household.

Answer like ‘she sounds nice’ will almost certainly not result in an approved adoption.  Why does a cat ‘sound nice’ -- what is it about this animal that sets it apart from others on the site.

How does this named cat fit the rest of your human, feline or other pet household?


Tell us the names of the cat(s) you are interested in.


1st Choice: 

2nd Choice: 


You must have a named cat or cats in mind, to complete this form, as we do not welcome speculative applications.



Why do you wish to adopt this cat? (Put an X besides all that apply)


☐ Family Companion             ☐ Companion for another pet

☐ Child’s pet                          ☐ For someone else

☐ A gift                                   ☐ Other (please explain)



Now we need you to tell us all about your household.

We need to ask personal questions because some animals have suffered trauma or abuse in past homes and so we have to be very precise in pairing animals with prospective adopters, making sure that any possible mismatches are spotted early; this avoids disappointment for you.

We only want a brief insight and please be assured that none of your contact information goes any further than Cairo’s Cat Rescue & Rehoming Champions.

All information will only ever be used to help us/the rehoming organisation make a decision about how to respond to your enquiry. It won’t ever be used for marketing or passed to other companies.



Do you/partner work for a company that requires frequent moves?


☐ Yes                          ☐ No

If yes please explain what will happen to this pet when you move:


Do you travel frequently?  What arrangements do you plan to make for your pet during travel?

If you rent does your property owner allow pets? ☐ Yes  ☐ No  ☐ Own our/my home

*If renting, a confirmation letter from the property owner allowing keeping pets is required.


How many adults over 18 live in the home?

☐ 1      ☐ 2      ☐ 3      ☐ 4 +


*Age of all adults (over 18s) in the home


How many children’s under 7 live in the home?


☐ 0      ☐ 1      ☐ 2      ☐ 3+


How many children or teens (7-18) live in the home?


☐ 0      ☐ 1      ☐ 2      ☐ 3+


If an adult-oriented home, do children/grandchildren, etc. visit your home?


☐ Yes              ☐ No


Are all the people living with you aware of his adoption?  ☐ Yes      ☐ No


How do the others in the household feel about having a pet?

Click here to enter text.


Does anyone object?                                                           ☐ Yes      ☐ No


Does anyone have allergies to cats?                                   ☐ Yes      ☐ No



Do you have other pets?                                                      ☐ Yes      ☐ No

What other animal (s)  do you currently have?









☐ Yes     ☐No

Are they currently on vaccinations and other necessary vet care?

☐  Yes     ☐  No

If no, why?


How did you acquire it/them?






If you don’t currently have a pet, have you ever had pets, especially cats, in the past?                  ☐ Yes               ☐ No

If YES, please explain what happened to your previous pets and how long you had them:








Who will be primary responsible for the care of this new pet?


In the absence of the primary caregiver, who will care for your pet(s)?


How do you plan to introduce this new pet to the home, and if applicable, to other animals in the home?

Do you understand that there may be some adjustment problems at first, which may require training and added attention?        ☐Yes               ☐ No


Will you take this cat to the veterinarian for regular check-ups, when it appears ill, and for routine vaccinations?                                    ☐ Yes              ☐ No


Is someone home during the day?                 ☐ Yes              ☐ No


How many hours a day will the pet be left alone?

How much time can you spend with the pet?


Will this cat be kept     :           ☐ Inside only              ☐ Inside/outside


Where will the pet stay during the day? If in the house, please state where (e.g. free-roaming or in a specific room or space:


Where will the pet be during bad weather (hot/cold/raining)?


☐ Indoor                     ☐ Outdoor


Where will the pet sleep at night?

If the cat is to go outside, do you have a garden? If so, is your garden completely fenced in?


  Yes                           Ÿ No

What will you feed this cat (e.g. raw food, cooked food, canned food, dry food, etc.:



Do you feel you can afford the cost of maintaining this pet both now and for the lifetime of the pet (10 + years in many cases)?          ☐ Yes  ☐ No


A home inspection may be required. Are you willing to allow the fosterer/rescuer to visit your home?

      ☐ Yes                   ☐ No



Describe the activity level

in your home:


☐ Busy (visits by friends, meeting, children,                 parties at home)

☐  Noisy (TV, stereo, machinery, tools, children

     playing, dogs barking)

☐  Moderate (Normal comings and goings)

☐  Quiet (homebodies, few guests)

☐  Other (specify)



Please provide us with ONE (1) reference – (can be a relative). Include name, address, phone number and email (if possible). The family Veterinarian information reference is also requested:


Reference # 1             







Vet Reference  








What provisions will you make for the pet should you become unable to care for it?






Do you agree to contact Cairo’s Cat Rescue & Rehoming Champions in the event that you cannot keep this cat for ANY reason, and agree to return him/her to Cairo’s Cat Rescue & Rehoming Champions or discuss any future re-homing with us?      


☐Yes               ☐ No

The adoption fee is non-refundable unless otherwise agreed or the cat is rehomed on a trial basis, which will be documented on the adoption form.

Most of our animals spent time on the streets of Cairo before they were rescued and so even if they haven’t visibly suffered trauma or abuse, we do not know most of their histories. They may not have a good nutrition and they may have been exposed to illnesses before they were vaccinated. Our cats have all had veterinary attention in Cairo but some will have been in our care for some time after that attention and a vet visit does not form part of the standard rehoming process.  They are fully vaccinated and FIV/FeLV tested, we will let you know of any issues we know about and we recommend you look at our site to get cat’s backstory but we can’t guarantee their health status.  All adopted cats should be appropriately insured and we can’t be liable for the costs of any medical treatment following adoption.

May we contact you for information and post-adoption?      ☐ Yes     ☐ No

How did you learn about us?







Is there any information you would like, or anything you like to tell us about yourself?

I give Cairo Cat Rescue & Rehoming Champions permission to verify any and all information given by me in this application.


☐ Yes   ☐ No



Signature of Applicant                                                                         Date

Signature of Cairo Cat Rescue & Rehoming Champions Representative






Name of Cat:







Donation Amount:




Adoption Accepted?          Ÿ YES                 NO












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