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What follows is just a selection of the many cats at Cairo Rescue & Rehoming Champions which are available for adoption. For details of how to go through the adoption process see here.

For your convenience we have divided them into boys and girls​

If one of these does not take your eye please contact us with your exact requirements and we will try to find the perfect match for you. As explained in other sections this is important for you and them. It's a lifetime commitment.​

Remember we can always be contacted on

If you would love to adopt one of our cats but circumstances don't permit you can help them by sponsoring them for just £25 a month. This will provide them with food, shelter and veterinary care. Contact us on the email above and we will explain how to do so. You can find more cats to sponsor here and some of these may be available for adoption also. Thank you in advance for considering this.

To find more information on breeds listed please visit our Blogs. 

 View our available boys

 View our available girls



COOPER   Born 2021   Domestic shorthair


Cooper is both blind and deaf.   He was found dumped in an empty building. At first he was thought to be only blind as his eyes were bleeding but we discovered that he is also deaf.To compensate he has a highly developed sense of smell so he can recognise humans and animals by this.

He is extremely smart and cuddly with humans and gets on well with other cats.  He would, however, need to be adopted as an indoor cat and with no more than a couple of feline companions.

Cooper is two years' old, healthy, fully vaccinated, microchipped and ready to fly from Egypt to the UK/Europe or North America at any time.


SASSY    Born 2021   Shirazi (Persian)



Sassy is a moderate CH* boy that was dumped with his sister Farah. When we got them they were really skin and bones with wounds all over their bodies.

Sassy can play perfectly with other cats.. walks and runs with no difficulties .. also he is using the litter tray perfectly.

He is grooming and nursing all his feline friends and they all come to him for a cuddle.

He is fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered . He is two years old and ready to fly to his home at UK/Europe or North America anytime.

*CH (Cerebellar Hypoplasia) affects a cat's balance and co-ordination. If you wish to know more details please contact us.



JOE  Born 2022   Turkish Angora Mix


Joe is a Turkish Angora Mix who is 10 months' old.

He was rescued from the street with his siblings and his brother Louis has recently found his forever home .  He is very affectionate and good with cats, dogs and humans

Joe has the luxurious Angora coat which is of medium length with a long bushy tail.

He is extremely affectionate and good with cats, dogs and humans

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